My name is Marcel Debreuil. I am an artist living in Canada. Words like surrealism, spiritualism, and fantasy all seem to apply to my art-I've been calling it 'Dream-realism' for years. Really, I'm just creating beautiful glimpses into the spirit world... Above you will find the painting 'Spiritual Homes'. This for me, is a break-through painting from an earlier time. I still draw a lot of inspiration from it. Clicking on the thumbnail will open a small gallery for a closer look. On this site you will find samples of my work from the past few years. I am primarily a painter in oils, but I do a lot of sketching, and as you will see I use a variety of media. I have independently shown my work in New York, Paris, London, Japan, and Canada. I am presently searching for the right agent and gallery to help me get my work out there. Inquiries may be sent to me by email.

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